• Muslim Hackfest

    First virtual muslim Hackathon in Indonesia. With aim to democratize and accelerate innovation that benefits umma (society .red), OpenUmma organize virtual event that gather technology enthusiast in Indonesia. It consist of Open Source Discussion, 4 series of Grand Webinars and Hackathon.

    Story : Technology and innvotaion advancement must benefits society, not only private sector. To accelerate innovation rate of innovation for society, especially Moslem society, we aim to create open source comunity where innovation for umma, develop by umma, owned by umma. Muslim Hackfest encourage all technologist to share their ideas that can solve problem in current moslem society. It also have awesome webinars with international and national speakers that expert in technology sector.

    Result : About 140 people submit their idea for hackathon and ~250 people attended the webinars. Held on Jan 2021

    Role : Secretary General

    Reference : Website

  • Kelas Inspirasi Bandung


    Agriculture technology startup with mission to increase productivity and efficiency in agriculture industry. We built Dokter Tania , a virtual assistant to help farmers diagnose crops disease automatically by taking a picture of their crops. The diagnostic will be given automatically powered by Artificial Intelligence.

    Story : FAO estimates between 20 to 40 % of global crop production are lost to crops disease. Neurafarm built Dokter Tania, (Tani means farm) a mobile app to help farmers solve crops disease problem. Dokter Tania helps farmers by give crops disease diagnostics easily and quickly. Farmers just need to take a picture of their crops, send it to Dokter Tania mobile app, and its artificial intelligence will automatically diagnose the type of crops and the disease that infected the crops.

    Result : 1 thousand users on 6 months after launch

    Role : Co Founder; CEO (2017-2018); COO (Jan - Mar 2019)

    Reference : Website

    Dokter Tania Dokter Tania MVP Neurafarm got 2nd Place at Startup Istanbul 2018
  • Neurafarm Social Venture Challenge

    At 1st anniversary of Neurafarm, we initiated Company Social Responsibility (CSR) program, NSVC, where we fund social agriculture project. We initiated this campaign and create a competition to select project that we found the most impactful

    Story : At 2018, I initiated a CSR program as a way for Neurafarm to give back to community. Because we want to make sure our CSR fund can give real impact, we create Neurafarm Social Venture Challenge. From more than dozens of application, we selected Kintamani Youth Farm project. The project was meant to educate Kintamani farmers about arabica coffee plantation alongside their current crops in the same land.

    Result : Launched in 2018. About ~20 application submitted. Funded a project in Bali

    Role : Initiator, Judges

    Reference : Publication Post | Project Update

  • Kelas Inspirasi Bandung

    Kelas Inspirasi

    Kelas Inspirasi (English: Inspiration Class) is a voluntary program where professionals inspire elementary students and encourage them to dream by demonstrating their profession.

    Story : Become volunteer at Kelas Inspirasi, a program by Indonesia Mengajar where professional inspire students about their professions. It encourage students to dream and open up possiblities on their dream. I show them being entrepreneur and being problem solve. I asked students to observe and solve problems they face in daily life. I also learned so much about the realities of Indonesian education sector. Oh, most important part we had fun with the kids.

    Result : Become Inspirer at 2019 in SD Cemara, Bandung

    Role : Volunteer

  • WS HME

    Online inventory and rental system for electronic students community, workshop HME.

    Story : Workshop HME is an autonomous community inside Electronics Student Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektroteknik). Our main activities are building custom hardware solution for our clients and electronics goods rental (Eg speaker, projector, etc). For decades the rental business run pretty much conventional, where the borrower needs to visit our office to book a certain goods. I initiate a transformation, changing the system into online system, so borrower can book via online anytime.

    Result : Launch at Feb 2018. The system is running until now

    Role : Project manager

    Reference : Website

  • Tube Launched Folding Wing UAV

    Compact and easily deployable unmanned aircraft which is suitable for operations in difficult terrain in short amount of time. It is the first in Indonesia and we are one of the first who successfully built tube launched UAV in the world. The UAV is stored in a tube so it is easy to transport, and we can launch multiple aircraft almost simultaneously without runway needed. We also built coordinated relay system, so we can control multiple UAVs and extend the communication range.

    Story : There are several problems on current UAV

    • Transporting UAV require large space
    • Launching UAV need a runway or a launching gear which need to be installed and uninstalled on site
    • Limited range of communication, especially in terrain with many obstacles like hills

    Our team built tube launched folding wing UAV with coordinated relay system to solve above problems. THe UAV can be stored in a tube which make it easy to carry and transport. The pneumatic launch system which integrated with the tube make it easy to deploy it with less effort to install and launch it. Furthermore, coordinate relay system multiply range of communication by deploying multiple UAV and each of them communicate with each other.

    Result : Won 2nd Place in Aerial Robotics Contest, by Ministry of Research, Technology, and High Education 2017; Publish a paper in International Conference of Intelligent Unmanned System (ICIUS) 2018.

    Role> : Avionics Engineer

    Reference : News

  • Kelas Inspirasi Bandung

    Low Cost Underwater Vehicle

    Low cost underwater vehicle with controlled buoyant mechanics and one motor, making it more energy efficient. This unmanned vehicle is really suitable for monitoring coral reef condition.

    Story : Coral reef destruction can harm ocean ecosystem and humanity as well. We need scalable way to identify coral reef condition and monitor any conservation that we have made. But it is costly to let people monitor to the site directly and measure the condition of coral reef. Unmanned vehicle is the solution. We need unmanned undewater vehicle that can monitor in relatively shallow sea, can cover wide area, low energy and also cheap to manufacture. We built LOCAV (Low cost underwater vehicle) for this purpose. We built the body using PVC pipe which is really affordable. We use single motor as thruster and for manovuering, we utlize the fin, rudder and buoyant system for floating. With a single motor, this vehicle is energy efficient compare to ROV (remotely operated vehicle) which usually have multiple motors to move.

    Result : Finalist of Tanoto Research Competition in University

    Role : Electronics Engineer

  • Kelas Inspirasi Bandung

    Scientia Indonesia

    An education startup whose mission to close the gap of opportunity to get olympiad preparation program in rural regions. We also held one of the first national online try out for olympiad subjects.

    Story : National Science Olympiad (red Olimpiade Sains Nasional>) is annual prestigious high school competition in Indonesia. We see a gap where normally only elite schools or schools from urban cities which can get proper olympiad preparation program. We built Scientia Indonesia to close the gap. We provide training to schools in rural area and also make the program accesible online by holding online try out in 2016 and 2017.

    Result : Taught 200 students in West Java (Cianjur, Bekasi, Bandung). Online try out was attended by 200ish students from entire country

    Role : Co Founder; CEO (2015-2018);

    Scientia Indonesia Scientia Indonesia
  • Kelas Inspirasi Bandung

    Hybrid Vertical Take Off Landing UAV

    Endurance (duration of flight) and maneuverability (how easy it can maneuver) are two of important specification on aircraft which usually on opposite spectrum. For use case like logistic delivery in remote area with difficult terrains, or urban cities where there are numerous tall buidling, both of endurance and maneuverability are crucial. Hybrid VTOL UAV is perfect solution for those use cases.

    Story : There are 2 main types of aircraft : 1) Rotary wing : Usually has multi rotors. It can give high maneuver but with low endurance and not energy efficient. 2) Fixed wing : High endurance, can fly for long time and long range, but with low maneuver and need runway for takeoff and landing. We combine fixed wing endurance and multirotors maneuverability by building Hybrid VTOL UAV, named Gatotkaca Ganesha. This unmanned aircraft can take-off and land in small area in quad mode. After gaining altitude, it will transition to fixed wing mode and continue cruising. Suitable use cases like delivering medical and emergency supplies to disaster affected area (eg earthquake), logistic delivery in urban area, or monitoring forrest in hills/mountains.

    Result : Runner up of National Aerial Robotics Contest 2016. Winner of Smart City Robot Innovation Contest 2017 in ITB.

    Role : Avionics Engineer

    Reference : Youtube

    Hybrid VTOL UAV Hybrid VTOL UAV -  Gatotkaca Ganesha

News & Timeline

    • Oct | Speaker on Product Management Mini Bootcamp by Binar Academy. Presented on topic "How to Build Product Requirement Document"
    • Jun | Speaker on Business Pitching at Rumah Muda Inspirasi Bootcamp
    • Feb | Speaker on Introduction to Project Management at Inventra, event organized by ITB students
    • Jan | Joining as Product Manager
    • Jan | Muslim Hackfest by OpenUmma being held. More than 140 participants submit their innovation ideas and more than 250 people attended its series of webinars. I helped as secretary general.
    • Oct | Initiated OpenUmma. Getting started on Muslim Hackfest project.
    • Aug | Married with the girl of my dream
    • Apr | Joining Traveloka. Working on Product Management
    • Apr | Neuratraffic was shortlisted for Bandung Datathon 2019 final. It was organized by Bandung City Government in collaboration with the City of Melbourne, Bloomberg Philantrophies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS), School of Business and Management ITB, The Greater Hub, and Go-Jek.
    • Feb | Neurafarm got selected as Top 10 in ALIPAY-NUS Enterprise Social Innovation Challenge
    • Jan | Stepping down from CEO and became COO of Neurafarm.
    • Nov | Represent Neurafarm at Asian Entrepreneurship Awards in Japan
    • Aug | Launched Neurafarm Social Venture Challenge. Neurafarm curated and funded social venture that brings impact in agriculture industry. We funded pilot project of Kintamani coffee farm plantation in Bali.
    • Oct | Neurafarm won 2nd place in Startup Istanbul Competition. News
    • Aug | Represent Neurafarm at Swiss Innovation Challenge Asia-Indonesia. We won 1st place. It is an innovation competition held by University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in collaboration with School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
    • Aug | Co author of paper Design and Development of Tube Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Published on International Conference of Intelligent Unmanned System (ICIUS). Link
    • Mar | Neurafarm won gold prize on World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) held by INNOPA.
    • Feb | Neurafarm received grant funding from Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
    • Feb | Neurafarm awarded as 3rd winner of Business Plan Competition in the 7th University of Indonesia Studentpreneurs
    • Jan | Completed and launch We bring digital breakthrough to rental system that had been going on for more than twenty years in our organization by making it available online.
    • Nov | Selected as Young Leaders for Indonesia Regional Wave 5 participant. YLI is a leadership program organized by McKinsey & Company.
    • Aug | Co Founded Neurafarm and became its CEO
    • Oct | Aksantara won Best Design and 2nd winner on Indonesia Aerial Robotic Contest, Technology Development. We built folding wing tube launched unmanned aircraft which was the first in Indonesia and one of the first in the world. My role was avionics engineer.News
    • Jan | Won Smart City Robot Innovation Contest, organized by LPIK ITB
    • Nov 2016 | Aksantara won 2nd winner on Indonesia Aerial Robotic Contest, Technology Development. We built hybrid vertical take-off landing (VTOL) UAV. My role was avionics engineer. News
    • Jun 2015 | Co founded Scientia Indonesia and became its CEO
    • May 2014 | Bronze medal on Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO). Link